Biomarkers as an emerging growth area

Biomarkers as an emerging growth area

The Danish Biomarker Network is an integrated part of our national initiative "Biomarkers as Emerging Growth Area in Denmark" - to increase the research, development and commercial competitiveness of the Danish Life Science Sector in Personalised Medicine.

The Danish Biomarker Network

The Danish Biomarker Network was launched in January 2015 in a collaboration between Bioneer A/S and Biopeople.

It is a free forum for discussion and network activities related to biomarker research and development.

The network aims at bridging the cross-disciplinary nature of the biomarkers field and facilitate networking in order to explore the potential for new innovations within biomarker development.

The Danish Biomarker Network was established in order to:

  • Link academic research and companies within biomarker research
  • Create a forum for discussing biomarker topics
  • Create a network that spans the different scientific disciplines that relates to biomarker research
  • Promote the opportunities within biomarkers
  • Facilitate the transfer of biomarkers into clinical use

Please click here to join the LinkedIn group for the network

Biomarker-Related Events

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